Training the Whole Dog

taught by Kimberly Artley

Course description

"Training the Whole Dog" was developed to deepen our understanding of our beloved canine companions and how to develop *all* aspects of them that impact how and what they learn, how they function, develop attachments and associations, etc. and how they, ultimately, navigate "the real world" and every day life. 

The course offers videos, worksheets, informational PDF's, and pictures and graphics to better exemplify training concepts. 

Upon completion of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding of how to communicate more effectively with your dog, how to strengthen bond and relationship, how to develop the different (and interconnected) aspects of your dog (and what those are), and much, much more, so you can both enjoy life together more fully and with more peace and ease.

**please note there are no refunds**

Kimberly Artley
Kimberly Artley
Founder, PackFit

Kimberly Artley is the Founder of PACKFIT and has been described as the “Mary Poppins” of dog training. Her background of nutrition, human psychology and behavior, and life coaching with canine psychology, behavior and training blends seamlessly together to offer the most effective approach and results for a wide spectrum of challenges.  She’s a contributor to a number of blogs and magazines, author of the highly acclaimed book, “My Dog, My Buddha”, and also Co-Editor for the Not A Bully campaign and mission.

**please note there are no refunds**

Course Curriculum

Training the Whole Dog: Introduction
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