Pack Fit's 4 Course Bundle

you CAN have it all : )

Kimberly Artley

My Dog, My Buddha: The Online Course

"My Dog, My Buddha", the Online Course, is a complement & supplement to our highly acclaimed flagship book, "My Dog, My Buddha". 1 Lesson is released each day, some with additional gems & "reflections"; all with downloadable, lesson-enhancing PDF's.


Pack Fit's 3 Course Bundle

Kimberly Artley

K9 Essentials Online

One of the most comprehensive K9 courses available today. Each module provides an in-depth look at the varying ingredients factoring into, influencing & impacting K9 state of mind & behavior. Guaranteed to improve quality of life for the entire pack!

Kimberly Artley

Training the Whole Dog

Where most "dog training" goes wrong is by fixating on and training only one aspect of a dog; but a dog is just as multi-faceted and dimensional as humans are. This course speaks to this, so we can have both a "well-trained" and a "well-behaved" dog.

Kimberly Artley

What to Feed Your Dog... and Why.

A comprehensive, easy-to-digest course on the how's, why's, & what's surrounding what's going into your dogs' bowls & body. This course will give you a strong, fundamental, working knowledge of nutrition, & how you can apply it.