K9 Essentials Online Course

taught by Kimberly Artley

Course description

Pack Fit's K9 Essentials Online Bootcamp was created to provide individuals with the help and tools needed to better understand and communicate with their dog more effectively, and set everyone up for a healthy, balanced dynamic.

Our goal is to empower, educate, and equip the human end of the leash, so they can understand how to step up and into the role their dog needs them to play.

Through its carefully selected but varied topics and points of discussion, the K9 Essentials Online Bootcamp promises to deliver one of the most in-depth, thought-provoking and well-rounded canine behavioral and training programs being offered anywhere today.

Topics covered include: Language + Communication, Instinctual Needs, Doggie DNA, Environmental Impact, The Human Ingredient, Structured Walking, The Skinny on Tools, Nutrition, and much more.

All participants will have direct access to: a Private Facebook Community Support Page, Action Sheets, Fun Online Quizzes, Quick Start Guides, and more; each designed to enrich and enhance the overall learning experience.

Kimberly Artley
Kimberly Artley
Founder, PackFit

Kimberly Artley is the Founder of PACKFIT and has been described as the “Mary Poppins” of dog training. Her background of nutrition, human psychology and behavior, and life coaching with canine psychology, behavior and training blends seamlessly together to offer the most effective approach and results for a wide spectrum of challenges. She’s studied under many of the greats in the dog training world, to include Cesar Millan (aka “The Dog Whisperer”), is author of the book, “My Dog, My Buddha”, writer for the “Virginia Maryland DC Dog Magazine”, and also Co-Editor for the Not A Bully campaign and mission.

A lifelong “animal lover”, it was her trials, challenges and experiences with her own dogs and those in rescue efforts that initiated a shift in her mindset. “Loving” animals is one thing; but understanding, honoring and respecting them as members of an entirely different species is another.

Rescue brought about an awareness that was, and still is, difficult to swallow. Thousands of dogs entering the shelter environment at no fault of their own…and never leaving. Misjudged, misinterpreted and misunderstood behaviors. Mislabeled characteristics. Life changes for their humans. Unsupervised interactions with children. Dogs who’d reached their golden years and who may have started incurring medical costs. Puppies who grew into dogs, the novelty wearing off. Dogs not getting the appropriate amount of exercise or any of their other needs met on a daily basis; inevitably resulting in frustration, stress, and a host of challenging behaviors.

PACKFIT began and has evolved as a heart-based and purpose-driven mission to create awareness, educate, empower, address and prevent.

Course Curriculum

Cesar Millan's "People Training for Dogs"
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